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How Many Vacancies at Saratoga Village?

Big Basin Way merchants relocate to larger locations within downtown.



There are a few empty store fronts at Saratoga Village, but merchants are thriving in this beautiful downtown area. 

Change is common in any downtown and Saratoga is no exception. The only difference is that oftentimes when businesses close down a storefront in Saratoga it is often to move to another larger, or more convenient location just a few doors down.

“Businesses in the Village love the friendly people who live in Saratoga,” said Mayor Jill Hunter. “They appreciate the flowers and the free events put on by the residents. The Village has a great community feel. Many businesses have had great success as with the Echo Shop and want to stay.”

For example, M.E. Benson's Antiques moved down the road from its original Third Street location into a larger location in the Saratoga Village Center. Its old location is being transformed into a Tapas restaurant.

La Fondue moved into a larger location downtown five years ago and is now located at 14550 Big Basin Way.

There are some new businesses coming into downtown, too. Chase Bank has moved into the old “Corinthian Corners” space and was a big beautiful antique store before it was redeveloped. And,Wildwood Market will be opening soon near the entrance to the village, at 14413 Big Basin Way, replacing an antique store that moved to Campbell.

Some prime locations still available for rent or lease are the old Butter Paddle location, 14510 Big Basin Way; Theory Hair Salon, 14417 Big Basin Way; and the Buy and Save market location in the Saratoga Village Center.

“Saratoga is a great town to do business in,” according to Realtor Tiger Teerlink, who is the 2013 vice president of the Saratoga Chamber of Commerce. “We have a great diversity of stores and shops here. If you are considering opening a business in the South Bay you should definitely look into Saratoga.”