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01/01/2021 - keithrfox
Sold a Single Family home in 2020 in Saratoga, CA.

Ismar made the transaction easy. He was professional and made all the steps easy. From docusign electronic documents to all the marketing. He out up signs, created a brochure, took videos, and ran a social media campaign. All of this during a fire season that effected the entire northern Bay Area. Ismar hosted a broker day. He coordinated musicians, food, and then tours with questions and answer sessions. I appreciated how he handled the selling of our house. It is an emotional process and he recognized this throughout the process.

11/06/2020 - user6414471
Bought a Apartment home in 2020 in Saratoga, CA.

Ismar Maslic represented my wife and I on a recent purchase in Saratoga. Ismar is professional, responsive, accommodating, responsible, and efficient. He and his team at Montalvo Realty did a great job for us!

04/23/2019 - zuser20140418155041607
Bought a Single Family home in 2019 in Los Gatos, CA.

Ismar is the most dedicated and effective real estate agent that I've ever had the pleasure of working with. After having completed a house purchase with him in the recent past, I can provide feedback about the support he provides across all stages of the house hunting process. Search phase:  Ismar has excellent knowledge of the Bay Area market. He provides recommendations and tips that are tailored to the needs and situation of my family. Offer phase: Ismar has excellent, crystallized wisdom about what constitutes a successful offer. As the property we rolled an offer for had multiple offers, he knew how to make the offer more attractive without having to increase the price. Transaction phase: Ismar provided timely communications throughout the entire transaction phase, escalating concerns when needed, and interpreting sellers' communications. He was also very aware of the tricky aspects having to do with meeting milestones of the various stages of the transactions. For example, when our financing was getting slightly delayed, based on his knowhow and prior experience in this field, he knew that the length of the delay was not going to negatively impact the process. Post transaction: Ismar has helped us with multiple issues even after the sale, such as continuing the communication with the seller's side when issues arose in the house. He also went above and beyond his duty by taking on some of the costs associated with fixing some leaking structures in our garage. When we noticed there was a leak, he purchased a blower and had his handyman do some demolition work in order to help us get started with the renovations. Ismar is a dedicated and talented agent, always a pleasure to work with him. I can recommend him to anyone interested in either selling or buying high end property in the Bay.


03/18/2019 - gburne7
Sold a Single Family home in 2019 in Cambrian Park, San Jose, CA.

Ismar recently sold our home in San Jose. He did an excellent job of advising us on the work we need to do to the San Jose house before putting it on the market. He introduced us to various contractors that could do the work and when work was complete had it staged beautifully. Ismar spent a lot of  time with us discussing the market and priced it exactly right in our opinion. We found Ismar to be very knowledge about the entire sales process and very responsive in terms of notifying us when we needed to complete steps or answering questions we had.


10/21/2018 - vesper belle
Sold a Single Family home in 2018 in Cambrian Park, San Jose, CA.

We had a very positive experience working with Ismar with the sale of our Cambrian home. Selling and buying a home is a stressful process, we appreciated Ismar's ability to always stay calm and confident. He's very skilled at negotiations, has a lot of knowledge and experience, and can offer  different useful contacts during the process as needed. We would certainly use Ismar again!

12/16/2018 - AlbinaOsmanovic
Sold a Multiple Occupancy home in 2018 in West San Jose, San Jose, CA.

Ismar outdid himself once again. He did such a great job helping my family sell and buy our home in the short time frame we had. His negotiating skills are excellent and he is extremely reliable with whatever questions or concerns you have. Selling and buying a home is a stressful process but you  can trust that he will make it a positive experience for you. Thank you so much Ismar

Bought a Single Family home in 2018 in Willow Glen, San Jose, CA

Ismar is a pleasure to work with. He is 100% focused on providing excellent service to his clients. He is smart, responsive, reliable and honest. Ismar was available to tour homes with me at a moments notice and is also a great negotiator. Because of Ismar, I was recently able to find and secure  my dream home. I highly recommend him. Mylene Ansari

08/28/2018 - artgon0
Bought a Single Family home in 2018 in Almaden Valley, San Jose, CA.

Ismar is a knowledgable and experienced agent. He helped us orient ourselves in this market that we're fairly new to and find a great house. He was extremely responsive and always available to show us houses that we were interested in. He guided us in building competitive offers, negotiating with  sellers, and ultimately getting the house that we wanted. We are very happy with how the whole process went, and as first time buyers Ismar helped reduce our stress levels. We would definitely recommend Ismar to help you buy your next house


04/02/2018 - jgniedermaier
Sold a Single Family home in 2018 in Cupertino, CA.

In such a strong seller's market, it's easy to think anything will sell and you'll get your price and the agent won't make much of an impact. My recent experience proves these assumptions wrong. Ismar Maslic added value to the process from Day One, from outlining a rigid but reasonable timeline  to recommending an outstanding staging designer/advisor. The end result was a sales transaction that exceeded our expectations, the "trains ran on time", and throughout the process Ismar was responsive and professional. I also utilized his services for the purchase of my new home, and he was always available to show me properties and was creative in his approach to making sure my offers were competitive and well received. Bottom line, two transactions (a sale and a purchase) that closed two days apart and were conducted with professionalism and precision, and exceeded my expectations for value. Ismar has also stayed in touch to make sure any post-closing items were handled appropriately. I highly recommend Ismar Maslic.


Bought a Townhouse home in 2017 for approximately $875K in Downtown, San Jose, CA.

We highly rate and recommend Ismar based on his exemplary character and professional expertise. He represented us in our first property purchase in the U.S. and make the process go as smooth and possible. Throughout the viewing, negotiating and completion process, he advised us, kept us informed  and did his utmost to serve our interest. Ismar is now more than just our agent, he has become a dear friend


06/15/2016 - zuser20150912123456185

Ismar was wonderful to work with from day one. He helped us immensely through the process of choosing the right home for our growing family. Ismar was beyond pleasant to work with and was attentive to our needs, communicated quickly and effectively, and payed special attention to the many important  details of purchasing a home. I would highly recommend Ismar to any future homebuyers


05/07/2016 - juliet76

Ismar is a complete master at the real estate market in the South Bay. He knew what we were looking for in a house and was able to match us with an amazing place - fulfilling our requirements and more. I'm a first time buyer and he was able to walk me through the process with a deft hand, calming  my nerves, and pushing my lender when necessary. I'd recommend him to anyone!



04/14/2016 - user85541329

Ismar did great a job helping us find and purchase a condo. Despite a somewhat difficult to work with VA loan, our limited budget, and scarce offers he was able to find a property that we liked within a relatively short time period. Ismar has thorough expertise of local real estate market, he is very responsive, professional and has great negotiation skills. I highly recommend him to anyone looking to buy or sell a house.


03/25/2016 - zanadian320

I am glad to have Ismar represented us. His knowledge and negotiation skills really helped us getting the house that we like. His no nonsense and quick response attitude makes the deal smoothly done.


03/20/2016 - gburne7

Ismar has represented me on multiple residential property transactions over the last 15+ years. I have found Ismar to be thorough, detailed and a pleasure to work with.


03/18/2016 - nina zukic

Ismar is a great agent and I would highly recommend him if you are buying/selling your home. He is extremely knowledgable in this business. His negotiating skills are amazing! He worked with us for over a year until we found our home. He was very patient with us (especially me). We bought our condo  at the end of 2012 when the prices started to go back up in the Bay Area. Ismar was able to negotiate the price down by almost $50K, which enabled us to make our purchase. We highly recommend him!


03/14/2016 - user829105

I highly recommend Ismar. He helped us relocate to Los Gatos and did an outstanding and professional job. We really appreciated his knowledge of everything in the South Bay area and his ability to think outside the box. In fact, if Ismar hadn't helped us we wouldn't have been able to go through with the best house purchase of our life.


03/14/2016 - ehasenkamp7

My wife and I worked with Ismar to buy and sell our home. He is always available for questions, and his ability to drive traffic to the house was fantastic. Our home sold for well over the market asking price. He knows how to create buzz and his contacts allowed us to any issue we needed to take  care of prior to selling our home. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a real estate agent. He is the best! 



03/12/2016 - kenable
Ismar did a FANTASTIC job both with the sale of our existing home and in helping us find our new home. Ismar went above and beyond since we were looking to relocate in the Sacramento area by helping us find our new home. For anyone looking to buy or sell a home, you won't find a better, more  knowledgeable agent to work with than Ismar. 



03/12/2016 - rcgreene1
Ismar is 100% on your side. There is nothing he will not do to ensure complete success in either a buy side or sell side transaction. I know this because he helped us out of our Los Gatos home and into our Willow Glen home. There are always roadblocks that you encounter - most of which are out of  your control - but Ismar finds a way to address them and move on. He is knowledgeable, patient, detail orientated and a pleasure to do business with. I would not hesitate to recommend Ismar to anyone considering a real estate transaction in the Bay Area. 



03/11/2016 - philippe gaglione
Best Broker ever. Ismar has been managing 5 transactions for me. Every time things went smoothly. I can't recommend enough his work ethic and problem solving capabilities. He is a great asset for anybody thinking to buy or sell a property.



03/11/2016 - mirza handzar
Words cannot describe how lucky we were to work with Ismar Maslic. I would highly recommend him to everyone. We were finally ready to sell our condo after having a baby and were guided the whole way through this crazy process with such care and professionalism. We are so new to all this and are  small beans but he never made us feel this way. Ismar understood the importance of selling our first home and followed up on ALL angles possible to ensure that we would be able to do it with ease and care. He not only got our home sold, but he made the process seem like a piece of cake. He kept us informed, educated us on the process, and continues to follow up with us. I can't thank him enough. I agree with everyone else who has given Ismar GREAT reviews. He gives 110%. He is all about integrity and excellence. Extremely detailed and patient and on top of all this, he is such a kind soul. I really can't imagine getting any better service than this. If you want to be part of a winning team, you can with Ismar. He is undeniably the BEST at what he does.


01/11/2016 - ALLA OSELOK
 I was lucky to get to know Ismar. He came highly recommended by one of my friends, who was very satisfied with the way Ismar handled the sale of his house. I was looking for a high-end realtor for quite some time but had hard time finding the right person to sell our house. From the first time we've met, Ismar stood up from the other agents, so I decided to give him a chance. Not only he was charismatic, friendly and polite, he also knew how to listen to our needs. He suggested a few tips on a spot and acted extremely professional from the first day we've met, through all the open houses, various offers, counters and final closing procedures. He guided us through every step of the process with patience, high professionalism and ethics. Even though I'm not planning to SELL another house in the nearest future, I already hired Ismar to help me to BUY one. services.


01/10/2016 - igor70

I worked with Ismar Maslic on four real estate transactions - purchasing and selling properties. It was my best experience when working with real estate broker. He knows the market, he has excellent negotiating skills, he is prompt and responsible. His advices are based on knowledge and experience. I like his professionalism and attitude. 


01/07/2016 - chasemweigel
 I have been fortunate to know Ismar for nearly 5 years now both personally and professionally. He was the first broker I contacted the day my parents decided to sell their house in Cupertino. The house took some time to find the right buyer due to a number of specific issues (noise from close  proximity to the highway, it was a very specific design that suited a limited number of home buyers) and despite the challenges, Ismar made it happen. From late night phone calls, emails back and forth during negotiations, he and his team got the job done. The thought that "oh I'll just sell my house and it will be bought the next day" sounds great. But what if that doesn't happen? If your selling your house, no matter how quickly you think it might sell, you want a dedicated broker and his/her team to stand up and make it happen especially when the going gets tough. Sure, it's great when it all goes perfect and usually it does. But for the seller who wants to know that the day the house is listed that he/she is by the best, in my opinion thats Ismar and his team. 


01/07/2016 - Ray Plyler

We met with several brokers and after careful consideration selected Ismar Maslic. This turned out to be the best decision ever. Ismar and his staff got maximum value from the property. Ismar made the process as easy as it can be and was on top of every aspect of the process. We will certainly use him for our next sale or purchase. 


04/06/2015 - user3144131
 This was a very moderately priced purchase - yet Ismar represented us as if it was a million dollar plus deal. He is very professional in his work, demeanor, and communication skills.


04/03/2015 - Inga1CA
Ismar did an excellent job selling our townhouse - he provided the highest level of service, took care of all details promptly and professionally, making the entire process smooth and easy. Our house sold for top dollar, being on the market less than a week. Ismar also helped us navigate the  tricky process of successfully purchasing a condo in a highly competitive market. We highly recommend Ismar and his excellent team!


11/29/2014 - user993161

Following a thorough search, organized by Mr Maslic he took control of all aspects of the sale. Total peace of mind and very efficient, I would highly recommend.